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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Alternate Defence Minister Panagiotis Rigas'interview on ANT1

The Alternate Minister of National Defence Panagiotis Rigas, during an interview on ANT1 TV, to journalist Giorgos Papadakis, on Monday 28 January 2019, stated the following, among other things:

About accusing P. Kammenos on tergiversation:

I will answer as soon as evidence is revealed. Everybody can say anything, but on such matters specific evidence must exist. I understand P. Kammenos because, as far as this issue is concerned, he has always had his own opinion. From there on, behaving in a different way or talking about any forms of tergiversation is wrong. Mr. Kammenos and many others shared the same opinion. Yet we reached an agreement that has specific terms. This is what matters. Whether this agreement can shape a better frame for the Balkans and Greece, everybody can express their views on this matter. P. Kammenos, as a member of the coalition government, decided to fully oppose to this matter, this was his choice. So, we should not insult people and conducts, by implying they have received offsets. On such critical subjects, which are of vital importance, we should better not allow any insults to be expressed. I would be able to say many things too, about the manners in which many try to impose the opponents’ opinion over the last days. This is the other side of the coin: to torch, use abusive language, extreme action and anything else.

Regarding the Prespes Agreement:

This agreement solves a number of problems which regard tax issues, road network, trade issues etc. The entrepreneurs support it, because it contributes to growth. There is also the issue of national security. The Balkans has been a particularly turbulent area in the past and this Agreement protects and secures our northern borders. A government assumes responsibility on critical issues. We assumed it and I am proud of this. We were not scared, we assumed the responsibility of completing the MoU austerity policy and we will assume also the responsibility of the Constitutional Amendment.