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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Altmin Panagiotis Rigas' Interview on “STO KOKKINO” radio station

The Alternate Minister of National Defence, Panagiotis Rigas, in an interview he gave today, Friday 22 February 2019 on “STO KOKKINO” radio station stated, among others, the following:

On the New Democracy political party:

“New Democracy is deeply disappointed due to the Government’s achievements. None of their plans, their past subverting attempts to afflict governmental stability, worked. New Democracy’s strategy consists in a new memorandum, its programme represents all that the IMF says. They cannot hide it, two of their MPs have said it one after the other, Mr. Koukodimos and Mr. Stilios. At the same time, it has been completely drawn to concepts that belong to the right and the extreme right, and it was more than obvious in the change of their stance concerning the name of North Macedonia”.

On Fake News and the obstruction of events:

“In 2016, certain people had attempted to exclude SYRIZA from public events. They did not make it back then, they shall not make it no either. We have no reason to hide, we shall continue being present throughout Greece. We have succeeded numerous things; we have led the country out of the crisis. New Democracy has chosen to adopt and disseminate fake news, only to hide behind them afterwards. Unfortunately, this opposition is dangerous for this country, for the Greek people, for society itself. They are trying to hide their core policy, which includes dismissals of personnel, wages’ reductions and limitation of working rights. New Democracy’s perception is oriented towards the interests of the few and the privileged and distant from the social needs”.

On false pre-election pledges:

“The fact that, at the moment, the issue of “red loans” is being resolved and the situation is improving to the benefit of the borrowers is considered to be pre-election pledges? Or the fact that we shall grant a benefit for residence and child protection? Obviously, New Democracy would prefer if such action was not taken and support was given to those who have been serving them the previous years. They are allergic to the protection of the society and of the people who were suffering in the past. They cannot stand it.

The KINAL party, instead of whining and taunting using insulting expressions, should rather clarify whether SYRIZA’s strategic defeat entails ND’s strategic victory, or not. They have made their choice: to agree with ND on all serious matters and essentially work towards ND’s return to power. Of course, this is not going to happen, yet this is their political choice. Therefore, they should not act surprised, nor complain as their members are leaving the party. It is a conclusion everyone else arrives at, except for themselves. They do not even apprehend the developments at European level and refuse to follow the initiatives of the progressive world. They are even bothered by Mr. Bullmann and social democracy in Europe, they are bothered by everyone. Everyone else has a different view on things, only KINAL party sees things the way they do”.