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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Interview of the Alternate Minister of National Defence Panos Rigas on "Sto Kokkino" Radio to the Journalists Dimitris Kouklouberis and  Vangelis Karageorgos

In an interview he gave on Friday, 5 April 2019, on "STO KOKKINO" radio to the journalists Dimitris Kouklouberis and Vangelis Karageorgos, the Alternate Minister of National Defence, Panos Rigas, stated, among others, the following:

On the progressive alliance and its goals, on the occasion of the event of 6 April in Galatsi:

The progressive alliance includes and is implemented by those who think that a deepening of democracy is necessary and take a stance against the neoliberalism and extreme antisocial stance and views expressed by New Democracy. The same progressive front must also be shaped in Europe, since the implementation of failed austerity policies and the broadening of inequalities have for years systematically contributed to the hatching of the serpent's egg and have allowed the far right to rear its head in many countries.

In this discussion, the choices and stance regarding national matters and matters of economy are obviously key elements. People not only listen, but also chose. Regardless of the difficult agreement we were forced to implement in the past, we also managed to implement policies benefiting society and those who had suffered. Measures contrary to what is happening. Our effort has a very specific focus.

On KINAL's stance:

It would be nice if a party that claims to belong to the centre-left and Social Democracy participated as a political subject, however KINAL has chosen to adopt a different rhetoric and serve a different agenda. It stands against the progressive front and declares that its goal is the strategic defeat of SYRIZA, in other words the strategic victory of New Democracy.

The entire political scene was transformed after the crisis. Everyone reflects and perceives things, where we got and how we got there. We were not in charge before. It was certain forces that were in charge and, justifiably, many people either were disappointed or understood that it led to a dead end. They were responsible for the disaster that befell our country.

We, as SYRIZA, have our basic principles, our political legacy, and a clear ideological strategy and address mainly society.