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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Directorate of National Defence Policy

1. The Directorate of National Defence Policy is responsible for the study, submission of proposals and monitoring of the relevant decisions and, more broadly, the executive handling of matters pertinent to the National Defence Policy of the country, as well as for taking the necessary actions for its implementation ad a national and international level, including the National Defence Planning in coordination with the relevant departments of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff and the General Staffs of the Branches.

Directorate of National Defence Policy Director is Colonel Antonios Platias (CV).

2. In the National Defence Policy Directorate operate the following Directorates

  • The National Defence Policy and Strategic Studies Department which includes the National Defence Policy and Strategic Studies offices. This department is responsible for:
    1. Monitoring issues that deal with framing, approving and implementing the National Defence Policy of the country and the national strategy of Defence and Security that stems from it. Formulating evaluations and analyses, including the relevant strategic studies, in cooperation, where necessary, with the relevant bodies and think tanks.
    2. Preparing and recommending the National Defence Policy plan which it submits, following its approval from the Defence Council, to the Governmental Council on Foreign Policy and National Defence (KYSEA). Taking further action for the implementation by the relevant bodies of the set principles and objective purposes and goals set by the National Defence Policy.
    3. Drafting the annual report for an update to the Parliament regarding the actions and goals of the MoD and the Armed Forces.
  • The National Defence Planning department which includes the Defence Planning and Scheduling. It is responsible for:
    1. Handling all matters pertinent to national defence planning and scheduling, including the Unified Medium-term Program of Development and Modernization (EMPAE), on the basis of the approved National Defence Policy and the operational priorities of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff and the General Staffs of the Branches. Attending to the draft of the fifteen-year Plan of Procurement Goals, of the EMPAE and of the five-year Program of MoD Activities in cooperation with the Financial Department of the General Directorate of Financial Planning and Support.
    2. Monitoring, studying and handling in the framework of NATO the EU and other international organizations the relevant to defence planning matters.
    3. Is responsible for the publication of a book that describes the work and the overall policy of the MoD (White Book)
  • International Law – Military Agreements department which includes the International Law and Military Agreements departments. The Directorate is responsible for
    1. Monitoring, studying and making recommendations on matters if International Law which pertain to or influence the National Defence Policy and the multilateral or bilateral defence relationships of the country. It keeps in touch constantly with the relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for coordination and cooperation purposes.
    2. Handling policy issues concerning arms control and International Law in relation to the country’s participation in international organizations or in the framework of bilateral relations.
    3. Keeping an archive of international agreements and other texts that govern the national territory, the territorial waters, the national airspace and the relevant issues. Keeping a special archive with international agreements – Pacts that concern the Balkans or third countries that affect the country’s national defence.
    4. Is responsible for processing legally texts of defence cooperation agreements that Greece signs with third countries. Is also responsible for dispatching and seeking signature of all the relevant Presidential decrees, joint Ministerial decisions or other drafts of Bills that concern the validation of agreements that the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs, or other Ministers. sign and for their implementation by the relevant Mod bodies.