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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Camp Utilization and Relocation Service

The Camp Utilization and Relocation Service (C.U.R.S.) is a Ministry of Defence temporary agency established by law N.2745/99 and is part of the General Directorate of Financial Planning and Support of the Ministry of Defence.


The purpose of C.U.R.S. is the the planning, promotion, implementation and management of the national program of strategic restructuring of the camps.


CURS was established at a Directorate level by Presidential Decree 96/2000 and its work is allocated in the following sections:

(1). Department of Technical Activities.

(2). Department of Legal Affairs.

(3). Department of Administration - Finance issues.


a. Head

The Director of CURS is appointed by decision of the Minister of Defence, notwithstanding law N.2190/94 under a 3-year private contract which may be renewed.

b. Other Staff

(1). Staffing of CURS is made by permanent personnel or by private contract employees of the Ministry of Defence or by secondment of officials from government departments or other public sector bodies.

(2). In total, except for the Director, thirty-eight employees work at CURS: fifteen (15) of Higher Education, ten (10) of Technical Education, ten (10) with Secondary school education and three (3) of Compulsory Education.

Responsibilities of CURS

a. CURS has the following responsibilities:

(1). Propose to the Minister of Environment proposed venues for new camps in collaboration with the Army General Staff tract and the National Defence Fund.

(2). Prepare or commission evaluation studies and the utilization of existing camps space to be released.

(3). Prepare in cooperation with the Ministries of Public Works and the Environment, Local Government Authorities of the first and second grade and with other agencies or commission studies and land use urban studies for camp areas located in residential areas that has been decided to be removed.

(4). Investigates and recommends to the Minister of Defence the optimal ways and means for financing for the implementation of the camps strategic restructuring program.

(5). Promotes, implements and manages the strategic camp redeployment program under the Protocol of Cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and the Ministries of Public Works and the Environment and is an integral part of the founding legislation, overseeing and coordinating the relevant procedures.

b. CURS makes recommendations to the Minister of Defence on: 

(1). The transfer of ownership or other property rights or the exploitation by other appropriate means (such as rental and concession rights expecting a return) of parts of the real estate property of the National Defence Fund.

(2). Administrating funds from the above transfer or use.

(3). The proposed sites for the establishment of new camps.

(4). Means of Financing for the acquisition of these sites and the creation of these facilities.

CURS HQ - Financial

a. Athens has been established at the location of CURS (Presidential Decree P.D.96/2000) with a duration of fifteen (15) years. The offices of CURS are on the third floor of the Officers’ Autonomous Construction Organization.

b. For all logistics issues CURS was initially part of the Army General Staff before becoming part of the MoD Support Unit.