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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

The Directorate of Human Resources and the Environment

1. The Directorate of Human Resources and the Environment is responsible for studying, recommending and handling matters relating to the capacity and organization of the Greek Armed Forces, the use of military and civilian personnel, recruitment, protection and judicious use of environmental sources and the occupational health and safety of the staff.

2. The Directorate houses following sections, which are not separate organizational units:

a) the Department for Development of Environmental Policies, Quality - Efficiency, housing the offices of EU Programs, of Quality and Efficiency and of Environmental and Technological Applications. The department in collaboration with relevant national and international bodies, studies, recommends and manages matters relating to:

aa) The development measures for environmental protection, the promotion of alternative energy resources and the sustainable development in the Armed Forces.

b) The development of systems for best use and organization of the staff and for the implementation of total quality management systems to improve the operational quality and efficiency of the Ministry and stakeholders.

c) The planning and participation by Ministry stakeholders in EU programs or other international organizations, and the allocation of resources in the Ministry services.

b) the Department of Health, Safety and Environmental Management housing the offices of Health and Safety, Monitoring / Implementation of Technological Applications, Monitoring / Implementation of Environmental Applications. This section studies, recommends and manages issues relating to:

aa) The design, implementation and management of health and safety systems for the staff of the Armed Forces, including the protection of personnel from ionizing radiation.

b) The coordination for successful implementation by the Armed Forces of the necessary environmental and any other related technological applications.

c) the Department of Human Resource Management, housing the offices of Personnel Education, Personal Care, Gender Equality, and Preventive Mental Health. This section studies, recommends and manages issues relating to:

aa) The education, training and specialization of the Armed Forces military and civilian personnel and the personnel of the Higher Military Educational Institutions and of other Armed Forces schools.

b) The care, welfare, and mental health of military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, aimed at upgrading living conditions and quality of life.

c) The promotion and implementation of the principle of gender equality in the Armed Forces, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Equality of the Ministry of Interior and the competent bodies of the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staffs.

d) the Department of Military Recruitment, Administrative and Legal Affairs, which houses the offices Recruitment Policy, Organization, and Legal Services. This section study, recommend and handle matters relating to:

aa) Recruitment Policy and the Draftees until they join the Armed Forces, including their selection for the three branches of the Armed Forces.

b) The organization and mobilization of the Armed Forces.

c) Military Officers in retirement.

d) Drafting legislation, Presidential decrees, Ministerial decisions and other administrative measures that the Directorate is responsible for.