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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Decisions from the 9/3/20 Meeting of the National Security Governmental Council

The National Security Governmental Council decided:

1. The assignment of Lieutenant Generals, Vice Admirals, Air Force Lieutenant Generals as well as of an Air Force Major General in the place of an Air Force Lieutenant General, as follows:


(1) Lieutenant General Konstantinos Koutras (Registry Number: 44982), as Army Inspector General – Commander of Training Doctrine.

(2) Lieutenant General Vasilios Papadopoulos (Registry Number: 44999), as Commander of the 1st Army.

(3) Lieutenant General Petros Demestichas (Registry Number: 45600), as Commander of the Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands.

(4) Lieutenant General Evangelos Lykos (Registry Number: 45613), as Deputy Chief of HAGS.

(5) Lieutenant General Dimitrios Koukos (Registry Number: 45614), as Commander of the C’ Army Corps/NRDC-GR.

(6) Lieutenant General Spyros-Gerasimos Rossis (Registry Number: 45656), as Commander of the National Defence College.

(7) Lieutenant General Angelos Ilaridis (Registry Number: 45676), as Commander of the D΄ Army Corps.

(8) Lieutenant General Leonidas Kakavas (Registry Number: 46199), as Commander of the Higher Army Support Military Command.

(9) Lieutenant General Nikolaos Flaris (Registry Number: 46201), as HAGS Chief of Staff.


(1) Vice Admiral Ioannis Drymousis (Registry Number: 1823), as Deputy Chief of HNDGS.

(2) Vice Admiral Georgios Bablenis (Registry Number: Μ-713), as Commander of the Naval Logistics Command.


(1) Lieutenant General Ioannis Gontikoulis (Registry Number: 14479), as HNDGS Chief of Staff.

(2) Major General Georgios Fasoulas (Registry Number: 14491), as Commander of the Air Support Command.


2. The following officers retain their positions:


(1) Vice Admiral Panagiotis Lyberis (Registry Number: 1799), as Commander in Chief of the Fleet.


(1) Lieutenant General Themistoklis Bourolias (Registry Number: 14033), as Chief of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.

(2) Lieutenant General Konstantinos Arapis (Registry Number: 13152), as HAFGS Inspector General.