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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Patients with strain of coronavirus "Covid-19" in healthcare setting of the Armed Forces

It is stipulated that, regarding the coronavirus "Covid-19" cases in a Healthcare Setting of the Armed Forces, following examination in 401 General Military Hospital of Athens, one case was confirmed today, 6 May 2020, to an active duty Armed Forces personnel, and one to a Retired Police Officer, inpatient since 26 April. Moreover, contact tracing traced positive two members of his family, one visitor, three exclusive nurses, as well as three inpatients from the same hospital room, who are not active duty military personnel, but military healthcare beneficiaries.

Therefore, as suggested by the examination in the pertinent Healthcare Settings, only one active duty Armed Forces personnel adds to the cases unnounced until this day. Consequently, references to "cases in the Armed Forces" do not correspond to reality.