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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Refutation of Rumours and Fake News Regarding the Supply of Remotely Controlled Flying Assets of Turkish Manufacture

The Ministry of National Defence unequivocally refutes leaked rumours and unconfirmed information coming from foreign mass media, professing the alleged intention of the Hellenic Army to obtain remotely controlled or unmanned air assets of Turkish manufacture. Targeted leaks have been occurring since the end of May to foreign and Greek mass media, without, however, any confirmation or validation through factual evidence.

Information circulated through the internet, especially by informative websites, will have to be confirmed very attentively before being reproduced domestically. This is mandated by the elementary rules of Journalism Ethics and Standards, especially regarding sensitive issues pertaining to the field of National Defence and Security.

If these rules are not observed, then the Ministry of National Defence reserves every right for legal action against phenomena of fake news dissemination and public opinion biasing, according to Article 191 of the Penal Code and Law 4619/19.