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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Article of the Alternate Minister of National Defence Panagiotis Rigas In ETHNOS tis Kyriakis Newspaper

The following article of the Alternate Minister of National Defence Panagiotis Rigas was published by the ETHNOS TIS KYRIAKIS newspaper (9-10/03/2019):

The upcoming election is an opportunity for a left, radical, and progressive front for the rebirth of politics.

During the past few years, we have seen internationally a depreciation of politics, a decline of representative institutions, at both political and social level. Values such as collectivity, collective protest and action are becoming less and less appealing.

The election process is an opportunity to resurface the true needs. The new element that must be highlighted is the value of politics and attracting the interest of the youth and the broader society who have turned their back on politics and politicians.

The upcoming election is a challenge. What emerges as a need – after putting the crisis behind us – is to highlight a movement for the rebirth of politics by attracting public interest, which will act as a barrier and antidote to the pathology of politics, which is expressed through extreme and neo-Nazi behaviour.

The economic crisis acted as a catalyst for the cataclysmic emergence of this phenomenon. However, this phenomenon has also emerged in other countries which did not experience the economic collapse experienced by Greece. Consequently, the causes are deeper and are connected to the modern way of life, however there are also causes brought about by politicians, their choices, their behaviours, and their role.

During the past decades, we have seen the dominance of the neoliberal model, which favoured corruption, where everything is economy and economy is the increase of the capital's profits, on which society's structures and values are based, without regard for people's needs. Wealth is measured only in terms of money, thus the production and fostering of values connected to culture and education come second and decline.

This gradually led to the depreciation of politics and a change of politicians who, from leaders and inspirers, tend to become the servants of business interests, which are now becoming the entities exercising policy and power at international level.

This status of popular aversion paves the way for the anti-democratic forces to grow and shed their poison into society. What appears as aversion for politics gradually becomes "political" and is drawn by the deniers of Democracy through a political savagery mainly characterised by violence and racism.

Far right, neo-Nazi, and racist bands fill the void in the popular mind. At the same time, they are embraced by organised interests and criminal organisations, enabling them to take a step forward by gaining access to power institutions. Thus, they are "cleansed" and "legitimised". We see entire nations fall. The threat is close.

Against this situation, the left and the progressive forces must establish a front for the rebirth of politics and to regain the people's trust. A front of knowledge, reason, and values. They must inspire society and lead a campaign to restore the status of politics against the dominance of the economy over society to the benefit of the economic elite. Political action and stance are two of the most important acquis of human civilisation in its course to humanise man.