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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Defence Minister Dimitris Avtramopoulos' speech at a Conference on Cyber-Defence in the framework of the Greek Presidency

The Minister of National Defence Dimitris Avramopoulos declared today the opening of the two-day Conference on Cyber-Defence and Cyber-Security, which takes place in the framework of the Greek Presidency of the European Union Council, at Zappeion Megaron and is co-organised by the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport & Networks and the Ministry of Administrative Reform & e-Governance.   
In his speech, Mr. Avramopoulos underlined the importance of developing actions to safeguard cyberspace, “in a constantly evolving society, where new problems affecting us all, but also new forms of threats, emerge” as well as the need to “bring forth this very important problem, since our era demands that it becomes one of our key priorities”.

He expressed his contentment for the fact that such an initiative was taken during the Greek Presidency and his certainty that “through this meeting and cooperation, we open a new chapter for Europe, so that this vital issue will gradually raise to a higher level of deliberation and questioning for the European Union”.

He also mentioned that, aiming at developing actions for the promotion of cyber-defence, “the Ministry of National Defence and all services of Public Administration, we all utilize our personnel and infrastructure, embracing every new idea, recording and capitalising all modern technological developments”.

The Minister of National Defence concluded his speech saying that “Cyber-Defence does not only protect national secrets and economy, it also protects man’s achievements through new technologies, so that they will be his allies and not, at some point, his uncontrolled enemies”.