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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

Defence Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos' statement about the Military Materiel missing from Leros Naval Technical Installations Service

Yesterday afternoon, it was discovered, during the service’s change of command procedure, that military equipment is missing from the Service of Naval Technical Installations on Leros island.

Immediately, a preliminary investigation was ordered by the competent Military and Police Authorities, with the assistance of the Counter Terrorism Division under the supervision of the Military Prosecutor.

The objective of the investigation is to clarify the circumstances under which this materiel was lost since there is strong evidence that it has been missing over a long period of time.

It is clear that this issue did not happen yesterday, but it came up yesterday.

We should allow the competent investigation authorities to perform the investigation which they were ordered to conduct from the first moment and we should wait for the finding of their work before drawing any irresponsible, facile and inaccurate conclusions. We would recommend those engaged in an overt political speculation in order to exploit this incident for petty politics, to be more self-restrained.