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Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence

nnouncement by the Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos About the Voyage of Armoured Cruiser “Averof” to Thessaloniki

“I would like to make a joyous announcement here from Thessaloniki. Thanks to the efforts of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff and the Hellenic Navy General Staff, but also thanks to private contributions, the repairs of Armoured Cruiser “Averof” have been concluded and we decided with the Chiefs of General Staffs of the Defence Council that it will come to Thessaloniki for the celebration of 28th October and that it will remain here for a whole month.

In order to pay the honours due, the political and military leadership will make the voyage to Thessaloniki along with the Armoured Cruiser “Averof”, which will be open for visit to all the citizens and schools of Thessaloniki”.