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30/11/2017 17:26:13

Minister of National Defence, Panos Kammenos, Attends Ceremonies for the Award of Colours to the Hellenic First Army, C Army Corps, D Army Corps, and the Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands and the Award of Swords to C Army Corps Officers

    The Minister of National Defence, Panos Kammenos, accompanied by the Chief HAGS, Lieutenant General Alkiviadis Stefanis, visited Larissa, where he attended the ceremony for the award of Colours to the Hellenic First Army, C Army Corps, D Army Corps, and the Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands.

    The Minister of National Defence then went to Thessaloniki, where he awarded swords to Officers (non Military Academy graduates) serving in the Area of Responsibility of C Army Corps.

    The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace) Maria Kollia – Tsarouha, and the Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development and Food, Vassilis Kokkalis.

    During the ceremony, the Minister of National Defence gave the following address:

    "It is a great honour for me to award swords to male and female Greek Officers here, in Thessaloniki, the capital of our Macedonia.

    I constantly feel the need to be close to the Armed Forces personnel serving the Country. Because, whenever I visit our camps and border outposts to support you, it is me who ends up receiving messages of optimism, reassurance, pride, and dignity, giving me strength to continue my work. These are valuable elements for the entire Greek people, who feel safe thanks to the Hellenic Armed Forces, thanks to you all.

    Greek Officers,

    You were just awarded the Greek Officer’s sword. A symbol of strength, vigilance, honour, bravery, duty, as well as justice.

    As Officers, you are expected to be the standard of the values of the Army and society in general. And I am sure that you will succeed in this mission.

    Besides, throughout our history, Armed Forces Officers who started their career as NCOs have always been capable of remarkable operational and staff work, even assuming the highest public offices. Nikolaos Plastiras is just one characteristic example, together with many others.

    You are expected to inspire and motivate not only your subordinates, but also those around you, to excellence, through your personal example of honesty, hard work, altruism, and selflessness.

    You must look at the big picture; as stressed by Thucydides, Pericles’ greatest virtue was "providence in war". As long as the measures taken by Pericles were in place, Athens held almost without casualties.

    When, after his death, demagogues abandoned Pericles’ providence, Athens entered a downward spiral that led it to a humiliating defeat.

    During crises, such as the one we are faced with, there is a need for leaders at every level.

    A country that, since its independence, has constantly been in or threatened with war, must organise capable and quality Armed Forces. One of the main elements of the Armed Forces, their backbone, is its cadres, the Officers and NCOs, you; and you have proven that you are up to the challenge. You continue to keep your fighting spirit high. And you achieve this through your hard work and everyday contribution.

    A contribution that enables us to maintain a military force of high operational capability to secure our territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as to defend our national interests and international peace.

    And I assure you, this message is received by everyone, enemies and friends, especially during these times and especially in this region, which is going through a period of fluidity and uncertainty.

    We are proud and thankful for your great national work. The excellent manner in which you fulfil your mission honours you as Greeks.

    I would also like to stress that it is not by accident that during the crisis, all polls show that the Armed Forces are the institution most trusted by the Greek people.

    In conclusion, I would like to wish you above all to stay healthy, to continue your great career with pride and dignity, keeping in mind that you serve the country, our faith, your parents, your siblings, and your children.

    You serve the high principles and values that have kept this country on its feet. Because the Hellenic Armed Forces fight "for God and country". Keep your morale high.

    I would like to wish to you all happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and let me reassure you that 2018 will be a better year for everyone. A year that will bring back joy to our country.

    Exiting the crisis, all data now show that our country is done with it.

    As the political head of the Armed Forces, I would like to reassure you that I will do everything in order to restore the losses of our active duty personnel; I would also like to reassure those who suffered the most, the reserves, the retired Officers and NCOs, that we will take action in order to restore the great injustices they suffered during this period.

    Merry Christmas, stay strong, and good luck in your career."


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