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11/12/2017 15:46:09

Defence Minister's Panos Kammenos visit to the islands of Psara, Fournoi and Chios


    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos, accompanied by the Chief HAGS Lieutenant General Alkiviadis Stefanis, visited the islands of Psara and Fournoi, where he distributed gifts to the students, in view of the Christmas holidays. He also visited guard posts, where he discussed and exchanged wishes with the personnel, the soldiers and the militiamen. Afterwards, he went to Chios Island, where he inaugurated three Military housing quarters.

    In his speech during the inauguration ceremony of the military housing quarters, the Minister of National Defence stated the following, among other things:

    “It is a special joy for me, and everyone else being here – and I would like to thank particularly the people’s attendance to today’s ceremony – in beautiful Chios and the military camp “Vakis”, so as to inaugurate three military housing quarters which were built on charity of Mr. Loukas Ktistakis.  

    It is an initiative that gives life to an old building, transforming it into modern residences.

    When I assumed the political leadership of the Ministry of National defence in 2015 and realized the difficulties of the personnel and their families, we began a programme to support the human factor.

    After all, the political leadership of the Ministry of National Defence believes that the modernization of the Armed Forces begins with putting the human factor at the core of action, at all levels of command.

    Already, during the past two and a half years, aiming at efficiently dealing with the personnel’s problems, action has been taken as far as progress and career, transfers, housing, health care and support of the military family are concerned.

    We started a long-range plan for the housing of personnel at all ranks, Officers, NCOs, Professional Soldiers and their families throughout Greece, at large cities, but also at the borderline areas.

    Our effort towards essentially improving the living conditions of the Armed Forces’ personnel and their families is an investment in the human factor, aiming at resolving their problems, so that they can work undistracted and offer to the Armed Forces and the country.

    We are working towards this direction, with sobriety and persistence, and today’s inauguration is the progression of the programme of housing quarters’ construction for the personnel in the Armed Forces.

    As I have said in the past, our vision is to reach at a point where every member of our personnel, when transferred to a new garrison, no matter where that may be, at the borderline, in the islands, at Evros or even in large cities, will find a house ready for him.

    Therefore, actually there are actions ongoing, concerning 392 Army military housing quarters, part of which are the quarters inaugurated today; an effort is also being made to complete these actions as soon as possible, thus increasing the overall number of houses to more than 3,000 allover Greece.

    The same thing takes place in the Navy and the Air Force. At every airport, houses are built for the families of Officers and NCOs.

    We are convinced for the successful operation of our programme and I would like to assure you that we are and we will remain by your side, intensifying our efforts for better conditions at all fields.

    I should not forget to congratulate the Hellenic Army General Staff, the Chief and the Commanders throughout the leadership, as well as the personnel, for their everyday effort to reach this goal and complete the actions improving the living conditions.

    Reaching this goal would not be feasible without the timely contribution and valuable help of individuals, such as the dear to everybody “captain” Loukas, known for his active contribution to the local community.

    At this point, I feel obliged to warmly thank Mr. and Ms Ktistakis who, with their selfless offer to the Armed Forces, help during this difficult period and prove that every active citizen in this country can and should contribute to the effort of the Armed Forces.

    Dear Mr. Ktistakis, we consider you as an active member of the great military family.

    Such actions show that the virtues of patriotism and selfless contribution are ingrained to people living at the borderline, like here at the island oh Chios.

    To say the truth, many are those who promise yet never deliver.

    Besides, the inhabitants of this island have proved many times in the past their love for the country, actually honouring the phrase “I shall honour the cults of my fathers”.

    Brigadier General,

    I would like to congratulate once more your personnel because, every time I visit the island, I ascertain your high morale and decisiveness, as well as in all islands and all units of the Armed Forces.

    I would like to assure the Greek people that the Armed Forces, the Officers, NCOs, soldiers and militiamen are ready to defend the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and fight for God and Country.

    Our greatest and mightiest weapon system is the Armed Forces’ personnel, our decisiveness to fight ‘pro domo sua’.

    At this point, I would like to send a message from here, from Chios. Greece is a peaceful country which seeks peace and development for the entire broader region. We have held out a hand for peace and coexistence to our neighbours across. However, we will never cede an inch of national territory. We will never pull away, not for a millimeter.

    They should know that the flags from guard posts, islets and islands are stroke only when they need to be replaced. It is clear they do not get carried away by the wind. We want to live peacefully, yet we will not surrender at anything.

    Concluding, I would like to wish Merry Christmas; may 2018 be a year of peace, stability, social cohesion, growth, creation, individual and family happiness for you all.

    2018 will be the year Greece will exit the crisis. Seven years stiffly paid by the Greek people. Seven years we have paid with blood and sweat; seven difficult years for our country.

    I wish that the quarters you receive today will be filled with children, as our country’s biggest problem is low birthrate.

    Many happy returns.”


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