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19/12/2017 18:04:33

Minister of National  Defence Panos Kammenos visits D' Army Corps Units in Xanthi and Komomotini


    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos in view of the Christmas holidays visited the XXV Armoured Brigade at Petrohori Xanthi and the 29th Motorised Infantry Brigade in Komotini. He had talks with the members, draftees and territorial guards and exchanged season’s greetings with them.   

    Additionally, the Minister of National Defence had a teleconference with the members and draftees of the border outposts of D’ Army Corps and exchanged  season’s greetings.  

    In his address, during his visit to the XXV Armoured Brigade in Xanthi, the Minister stated the following :

     “ It is an utter pleasure to be here today, in the very heart of the power of the Army, in the region of our Thrace. D’ Army Corps area of responsibility is an extremely sensitive region for our national interests , to which all Greeks should pay attention, as far as the co-existence of its Greek population is concerned, which is comprised of Greek Orthodox people, Greek Muslims, Greek Pomaks and Greek Romas.  

    Here on a daily basis you perform an important national service, of which, allow me to stress, we are extremely proud, since you do it in an excellent manner under difficult circumstances. You play the most important role in guaranteeing defence and instilling a feeling of security in the Greek people and the local community as a whole.   

    The responsibility, discipline, and enthusiasm I see in the military personnel, prove your daily will to defend the territorial integrity and national interests, contributing at the same time to raising the morale of border regions’ populations.

    I would like to assure you that the political and military leadership of the Ministry of National Defence is fully aware of the straits and problems you face in the execution of your high mission, and is constantly implementing  a series of actions for the improvement of the living conditions of you and your families.
    As we speak, HAGS has already released the necessary funds and we will secure the release of as many as possible, for the construction of residences for Officers, NCOs and Professional Soldiers.

    Be proud of what you do and the duties you have assumed, as well as of the fact that you dedicated part of your life to serving your country and the society.

    Your contribution does not lie just in the accomplishment of defending the territorial integrity and the independence of the country, but also in what you offer to the local community. Whenever required you are always there. For this reason you have gained public recognition. The Greek people are recognizing the work done by the Armed Forces.  

    I would like to assure you that the new year will signal the exit of the country from the great financial and social crisis, the price of which has been paid through the nose of the Greek people, and especially the members of the Armed Forces, who have suffered severe reductions in their wages, those still serving as well as our retired personnel and reservists. Please be informed that with our care we will restore all the financial blows borne by the Armed Forces’ personnel.   
     We seek peace and cooperation with our neighbours, as well as the respect of our sovereign rights, the respect of international law , international treaties and anything else we have signed at international level, and I mean the Treaty of Lausanne.   

    It is crystal clear that the Greek State owes much to this region, all its inhabitants, whether they are Orthodox or Muslim. The truth is that Thrace has been neglected. This is the obligation of the State, to restore this neglection as soon as possible.

    However, we are not going to accept the perpetuation of a tactic performed by Turkey, imposed by the Turkish Consulate aiming to undermine Thrace and national cohesion.

    Such phenomena will not be tolerated, and no matter how much we want to be on good terms with our neighbours, we are also ready, at any given moment, to defend our national integrity, if so required.  

    We will not yield an inch as far as our territorial integrity and national sovereignty are concerned.

    This policy of disputes and claims performed by the neighbouring country does not prove the will for good neighbourly relations. In view of the forthcoming holidays, we would like to say that we would all benefit from a peaceful coexistence without provocations, especially in a region for which there are no disputes in international treaties, it is purely Greek, and absolutely respects the local population irrespective of race and religion.

    I would like to wish to you all Merry Christmas and looking at you in the eye I assure you that the State knows its debt to you.

    We are proud of you, may you and your families have health, happiness and prosperity”.

    In his address during his visit to the 29th Motorised Infantry Brigade, the Minister of National Defence stated the following:

    “ We are here today to exchange season’s greetings and thank you for your service in this extremely sensitive region, our Thrace, especially Komotini, where the Turkish Consulate is trying to exert pressure, violating all treaties and international law, on Muslim Greeks,  Greek Pomaks and Greek Romas who peacefully coexist with the Greek Orthodox population of the region.

    The presence of the Armed Forces, the Officers, NCOs, draftees and Territorial Guards instills a feeling of security in the region. Your service is of utter importance not only because you safeguard our international sovereignty and territorial integrity, not only because you act as a deterrent   in times of crisis, but also because of your contribution in peace time.

    I know that your living conditions are much more difficult than in any other region. For this reason I reassure you that the political and limitary leadership is doing their best, within our capabilities and the context allowed to us by the State and the money of the Greek tax-payers, aiming to improve your living conditions.

    Rest assured that our primary objective for the next year is personnel welfare, to improve the living conditions of the personnel.

    I know quite well that the Armed Forces personnel, as all Greek people, have suffered the pressure exerted by the financial crisis which has landed upon our country , and our personnel, those still in action and those still serving.

    In this context, our priority is to cover the 100% of the housing needs of our Officers, NCOs and Professional Soldiers, and this will have been accomplished in the next two years.

    As we emerge from the crisis our primary objective is, within the months to come, to restore the injustices suffered by the Armed Forces personnel.  

    The Greek people are by your side. There is no room for the performance of politics in the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces is not the terrain for confrontation, it is the terrain for unity. The Armed Forces led by the Virgin Mary trust in the Greek people.  

    And as your political leader I am very proud, and allow me to stress the fact that in all polls, irrespective of the subject, the Armed Forces always rate first in the trust of the Greek people, especially in these sensitive regions .  

    Merry Christmas to you all, with health, courage and happiness to you and your families. We are all proud of you and so is the entire Greek nation”.


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