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30/12/2017 11:12:20

New Year’s Carols to the Political and Military Leadership of the Ministry of National Defence


    The Joint Band of the Armed Forces, the choir of the Army, the bands of the Hellenic Navy and the Air Force and the choir of the HNDGS Battalion sang the New Year’s carols to the political and military leadership of the Ministry of National Defence.

    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos made the following statement:

    I would like, on behalf of the political and military leadership of the Armed Forces, to wish a Happy New Year to all the Greek people.

    Last year was particularly important for the Armed Forces. It was the “Year of Reserves and Members of the National Guard” which closes its cycle with great success and of course continues with the organisation of the People’s Mass Defence.

    The coming year will be the year of Personnel Care, as decided by the Chief of HNDGS and the Chiefs of the General Staffs.

    The personnel of the Armed Forces constitutes the country’s mightiest weapon system. With professionalism, high morale and deep belief in the principles and values of Hellenism and Orthodoxy, it battles for our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    At the same time the officers, NCOs, members of the National Guard and reserves are present offering the social contribution for which the Armed Forces have been known to give. The Greek people award the Armed Forces with their deep trust.
    So I would like, on behalf of all of us, to particularly thank the citizens who trust the Armed Forces and assure them that the Armed Forces personnel will secure peace, always ready to face any threat.

    Happy New Year”.


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