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16/01/2018 15:02:44

Defence Minister Panos Kammenos attends the inauguration ceremony of helicopter navigation simulator at Hellenic Navy Helicopter Base


    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kamenos, accompanied by the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff, Vice Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis, attended the inauguration ceremony of the helicopter navigation simulator, held at Hellenic Navy Helicopters Base, Marathonas, Attica.

    The simulator is Anna Mahaira’s donation, spouse of Lieutenant Anastasios Toulitsis, the hero who was killed in action, in Kinaros, on 11 February 2016.

    The Minister of National Defence addressed the following in his speech:

    It is a great pleasure to attend today the inauguration ceremony of the new helicopter navigation simulator, which constitutes one more offer on behalf of Mrs. Anna Mahaira, spouse of the hero, Tasos Toulitsis.

    It is an offer which upgrades the operational capabilities of helicopter pilots, thanks to the simulator’s technological potential, while, at the same time, resources are saved up through cost reduction of the provided training and maintenance of air means.

    Today, Mrs. Mahaira, with your kind offer, a program of the Hellenic Navy is completed.

    We express our warmest thanks for your important donation and your selfless offer, because you help the Armed Forces during this hard period. You are an exemplary spouse and an exemplary active and conscious citizen of this country. You are teaching us all a lesson, a lesson of soul, of loyalty to the Greek ideals, a lesson of strength, a lesson the Greek heroines learnt through Bouboulina’s tradition, who – although sacrificed their whole life by offering our country the most valuable things they had – have still the strength to be present and offer, continuing, thus, their work.

    Today’s event is a small expression of appreciation for your praiseworthy offer, which is a continuation of the donation of a computers room in the Navy Cadets School, in September of last year.

    It is also an act of commemoration and tribute to your husband and his colleagues who were killed in action.

    It is a commemoration and tribute to the heroic pilot of the fateful helicopter, who continued, through his example, the glorious history of the Hellenic Navy, which fades in time and is marked by the sacrifice of its personnel.

    Tasos, along with his crew, remained loyal to his country’s call, bound to the oath he had taken as a Navy officer.

    In a few seconds, he offered his country much more than what we all have offered all these years long.

    He gave the most valuable thing he had for the country, his own life.

    Dear family of the brave officer, I ought to tell you that you must be really proud, as we all are, of his way of living and contribution to the defence and security of our country.

    We are proud and moved and I realize that his absence really hurts you and has shaken your world.

    I assure you though that his absence is apparent here, among his colleagues, in the Hellenic Armed Forces and all the Greek people.

    It is really hard to lose someone close to you and the void can not be filled, no matter how much time has passed.

    The fact that Tasos Toulitsis is an example of devotion to duty, consistency, determination and altruism, is an important legacy.

    Once more, I would like to stress that your offer gives us the strength to keep up with our work. We commit ourselves that we will develop the new simulator’s provided capabilities to the highest extent. At the same time, through your example, we will get the strength to continue.

    As Minister of National Defence, I would like to assure you that we will continue the upgrade of the role and the capabilities of the Navy Air Force, with new structures and modern assets. In this context, we have scheduled, with the Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff, the Chief of Hellenic Navy and the Chiefs of the other Staffs, a new training course for helicopter pilots of all the assets of our Armed Forces, as well as the upgrade of the specific helicopters command, that will offer our country a lot with only a few means, for our national sovereignty and territorial integrity, while they provide social work.

    From our heart, thank you”.       


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