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31/01/2018 12:40:06

The MOD political and military leadership attend the memorial service in honour of the heroic HN helicopter crews killed in action


    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos, accompanied by the Alternate Minister of National Defence Dimitris Vitsas, the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis and the Chief of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff Lieutenant General Christos Christodoulou, attended the memorial service with regard to the crew of Navy helicopters who were killed in action as heroes, held in Marathon, Attica, Navy Helicopters Base.

    The Minister of National Defence,  stated the following in his address:

    We are here today, in full quorum, the political and military leaders, the officers, the non-commissioned officers and the Naval Aviation conscripts, the honorary Chiefs of Staffs and the commanders who served in this glorious Unit, in order to pay tribute to the heroes who were killed in action, protecting their country.

    It constitutes a national debt for us to be here today, to attend the memorial service for the Navy helicopter heroes killed in action, here, in Kotronion Base, which is now part of the newly-established Naval Aviation Command. We honor those who sacrificed their lives for the sanctities of the Nation and they are eternally glorified.

    This memorial service, in the memory of these brave men, is the least tribute for all known and unknown heroes of the Navy, who kept the Flag of the Nation raised through the centuries.

    Our heroes, driven by their great love for the country, performed their duty ‘not fearing for their lives’, as the ancient Spartans stated in their triumphal hymn, marching to battle. Their self-sacrifice is a guide, a moral and sacred legacy. For us, these values are worth dying for.

    We are all here for the nation, for the Greek people. We must safeguard the values of faith and patriotism.

    Our daring men, in times of peace, crisis or war, showed what it means to serve the Country to the ‘last drop of your blood’, as stated in the Armed Forces oath.

    As far as we are concerned, we will never lower our flags or banners. We will never forget the heroes and their sacrifices. Having their sacrifice as a beacon and compass, we keep up with the effort of strengthening our national sovereignty. For this sovereignty the heroes Panagiotis Vlahakos, Christodoulos Karathanasis, Ektoras Gialopsos, Anastassios Toulitsis, Konstantinos Pananas, Eleftherios Evagelou fought and were killed in action, as others did before, who gave their lives for the country.

    This day is dedicated to those great Navy and Air Force Greeks, it is a day of remembrance, honor and recognition of the Armed Forces of the country as a whole, which, by being dedicated to their duty, guarantee the national independence and territorial integrity of the country, so that we, all Greek citizens feel safe.

    The Armed Forces are always ready and I would like to point this out as assurance on behalf of the Greek State, to all of Greece, all the people, to the whole nation.

    So, we pay a tribute to those serving in the Armed Forces and having committed themselves to protect Thermopylae, in land, sea and air. A tribute to the families of the Armed Forces members as well, who also participate both at the happy and difficult times.

    Dear relatives of the heroes,

    I know that you suffer an endless pain. The Ministry of National Defence is by your side. The entire Greek nation is by your side as well. By your side are also the citizens who just the other day, at Lipsi island, welcomed the gunboat, which a few hours before that, had been involved in an incident at Imia, which we were all aboard for the wreath laying ceremony at the site where our heroes were killed.

    This is the strength that the Armed Forces members draw from the Greek people, which helps them practice war during peacetime.

    We owe a great gratitude, honor and glory to those who did not return to their loved ones, to those who gave and are still giving their lives for the country.

    For those great Greeks, I call you all to say with me ‘May they live for ever’.


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