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05/02/2018 17:08:22

Defence Minister Panos Kammenos' official visit to Lebanon


    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos, during his official visit to Lebanon, met with the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Aoun, the Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Mostapha Berry and the Minister of National Defence Yaacoub Riad El Sarraf.

    Afterwards, the Minister of National Defence visited the frigate “LIMNOS”, stationed in the port of Beirut, participating in a UNIFIL operation.

    The Minister of National Defence, after his meeting with the Lebanese Minister of National Defence stated the following:

    «I would like to warmly thank the Government and the people of Lebanon for their hospitality and their friendship to my country and the Greek people.

    His Excellency the Minister of Defence and I have confirmed once more the strong and everlasting ties which unite us, since the beginning of civilization.
    Our presence in Lebanon is not a simple diplomatic mission. We are here to pay tribute to the people of this country for their courage, their humanity and their spirit of tolerance and to express our gratitude for their contribution to the efforts aiming to ensure peace and stability in the wider region.

    The people of Lebanon, by its example, show to the world that the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean can become an area of constructive dialogue among different cultures and traditions, of mutual understanding and respect, of cooperation and peaceful coexistence.

    Even more, the Lebanese people, against all odds, show the way societies should act towards suffering human beings, victims of war and destruction.

    This morning, I had the privilege to be received by his Excellency the President of the Republic and to convey the Greek Government’s respect and admiration to the Lebanese people, as well as our determination and decision to further upgrade our bilateral cooperation.

    During  the meeting with my colleague and friend Yaacoub El Sarraf, I had the opportunity to invite Lebanon to be an active member of our regional schemes of cooperation, to reiterate our support to Lebanon’s stability and territorial integrity through an upgraded Greek contribution to UNIFIL’s Maritime Task Force, as well as, through  our readiness to share with the Lebanese Armed Forces our military know-how through education in Greek Military Academies, training and exercises.

    We have also explored ways for an upgraded defence cooperation between Greece and Lebanon, as well as the manner in which  the Greek Government could help to further mobilize Organizations in support of Lebanon.  As a token of our strong political will to enhance our cooperation, today we signed an Agreement of Military Cooperation.

    During the next weeks and months three major international Conferences will be held in various European capitals. The Greek Government will encourage our international and European partners and Allies to approach Lebanon’s economic and social development, the issue of the refugees, as well as the stability and its territorial integrity, as an integral part of the security architecture in the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

    It is the duty of all of us, members of the international community and friends of the Republic of Lebanon and of its people, to make sure that your country will succeed in its endeavors and will be the master of its destiny for the decades to come.

    With the Minister of Defence of Lebanon we start to build a very close bilateral cooperation, but also trilateral with Cyprus. We try to build together an axis of stability for the prosperity of the area of eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

    I would like to thank you, Minister, for your hospitality and the Lebanon Armed Forces for their very warm welcome.


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