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07/02/2018 18:01:40

Defence Minister Panos Kammenos' visit to Evros


    The Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos, accompanied by the Chief HNDGS Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis HN and the Chief HAGS Lieutenant General Alkiviadis Stefanis, visited the primary school of Megalo Dereio at Evros, where he inaugurated two new classrooms constructed by the D’ Army Corps and funded by the Ministry of National Defence.  

    Afterwards, he visited the huts of Evros, where he will spend the night.

    At Megalo Dereio, the Minister of National Defence made the following address:

    “It is a great pleasure to be amidst you, at Megalo Dereio, as we had promised, in order to fulfill the task that was described by the Commander of the D’ Army Corps; a task which satisfies us greatly, since we know that in this frontier village in the heart of Thrace, everybody defends the border line.

    The fact that we see small children who will remain in their land is very important. In this way, a place of isolation will become a place of hope and prosperity. All Greek citizens are by your side.

    Therefore, we are very pleased to inaugurate the Primary School, the facilities of which were improved with funding by the Ministry of National Defence and the vital contribution of the D’ Army Corps’ Units and the National Guard.

    I am very proud since the Hellenic Army who always stands by the side of the people of Thrace, contributes once more to the improvement of the education provided to the students of this area, achieving a broader improvement of this frontier region.

    I would also like to underline that we are here at Megalo Dereio, at the border line, so as to stress the fact that education will enhance the defence of rights and values. Without culture, ignorance and intolerance, which obstruct social and financial development, divide the people and make them vulnerable to unhistorical theories and influences by malevolent people.  

    I want you to know that the Ministry of National Defence immediately responded to the request of the inhabitants of the Municipality of Soufli, so as to improve the everyday life of this village’s population.

    The works for the maintenance and improvement of the village’s infrastructure, besides the renovation of the school’s installations, also included the maintenance of three water reservoirs and the arrangement of a flume, the total cost of which is estimated at €150,000.  

    At this point I would like to particularly refer –besides the active attention of the current Chiefs – to the former Chief Mr. Tellidis who was the first to come to you and plan with you the project we inaugurate today.

    It is well known that the Ministry of National Defence, always helping the Greek people, has developed a series of actions which aim at the upgrade of installations at various frontier regions in Thrace and on our islands, where there are great needs. In this way, we promote our frontier areas, utilizing the Army’s resources and means.

    Our actions also focus on the reconstruction of schools, as we believe that the best investment is the one orientated towards children and the new generation.  

    The military and political leadership work towards this direction, showing our concern for the needs of the inhabitants of our frontier line, who untiringly work day by day, under difficult conditions, remaining at their ancestral homes.

    I would also like to congratulate the Hellenic Army general Staff, the Chief, the Commander of the D’ Army Corps, the Officers, NCOs, soldiers, National guards, Commanders at all levels of the chain of command, and the personnel of the Armed Forces, along with the citizens, with you all, for your daily effort. Together we continue the Armed Forces’ social contribution, with the people’s strength.

    I would like to assure the personnel of the garrison, as well as the people of the area, that the political and military leadership are by your side and will remain by your side, making whatever is necessary for creating better conditions in all fields.

    I would also like to assure you that all officers, NCOs and soldiers who have come here never forget Thrace, nor do they believe that it is far away.

    It is true that, for many years, Thrace has experienced isolation and this is our fault. On behalf of the Greek state, I would like to apologise, especially to the older ones for having experienced rough times, and assure you all that these times are over.

    We will try to rectify the omissions, with the means available through the Greek people’s financial contribution and the Armed Forces. I would also like to assure you that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the Government and all the political forces, we are here to unite the people.

    My wish to the children is happy school year for the time left; to the teachers, may they continue their task; I particularly thank the parents who are here today, as well as all the inhabitants of Megalo Dereio, for the inauguration of this school. May we inaugurate schools and attend more baptisms and weddings in this area, as it is vital that this region prospers again; may prosperity, progress and well-being re-populate the area. The Armed Forces, which have been embraced by all of you, will be by your side. We believe that the love you have shown to the personnel of the Armed Forces is the love they reciprocate in this way.

    Thank you very much.”


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