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26/02/2018 15:43:32

Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas inaugurates the renovated department of the cardiology sector of Athens Naval Hospital


    The Alternate Minister of National Defence Dimitris Vitsas inaugurated the renovated Hospitalization Department of the Cardiology Sector (5 A) of the Naval Hospital of Athens, in the presence of the Chief of HNDGS Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, the Chief of HNGS Vice Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis and the Chief of the Hellenic Coast Guard Vice Admiral Stamatios Raptis, on Monday, 26 February, 2018.

    The Alternate Minister of National Defence stated in his address:

    “I feel particularly pleased to be here today, at Athens Naval hospital to inaugurate the renovated hospitalization department of the cardiology sector.
    This is actually where the heart of the Naval Hospital beats and I have formed a personal opinion about it.
    The effort for the systematic upgrade and improvement of the provided healthcare services always remains among the top priorities of the political and military leadership of the Ministry of National Defence, particularly this year which, as the Chief of HNDGS mentioned, has been declared as Personnel Welfare Year.
    I would like to stress another point; the manner in which the Armed Forces managed to endure the financial crisis is the motivation for us to be successful from now on. This is why all the personnel of the Armed Forces and their inspired leaders deserve congratulations.
    Our healthcare policy is based on two pillars, the healthcare personnel and the means we possess.
    A personnel who, on a daily basis, work with zeal and devotion contributing to the smooth and effective operation of the Military Hospitals and overcome, in parallel, the difficulties of our time.
    The means we possess, particularly the Military Hospitals are constantly developed and upgraded. They are flexible and they can respond to new perspectives and they achieve their objective which is to provide healthcare services to both personnel of the Armed Forces and their families and to a wider part of the society.
    Our common concept is to achieve the best possible employment of the personnel and the available resources and infrastructure. To achieve this objective, we upgrade the existent healthcare structures into infrastructure and equipment such as the Artificial Kidney Unit and the Endoscopy Unit of the 401st General Military Hospital of Athens which inaugurated recently, and  new infrastructure is being developed, such as the Assisted Reproduction Unit, here at the Naval Hospital where interoperability and jointness are applied.
    In parallel, we complete the procedures required for a Programming Contract to be signed between the Ministry of National Defence and the Region of Attica on the procurement of medical-technical equipment for the Military Hospitals of Attica, amounting to 20 million euro based on the Cooperation Framework for the Enhancement of Interoperability which has been signed with the region of Attica.
    This equipment is absolutely necessary for the provision of healthcare services to every beneficiary of healthcare services at the Military Hospitals, as well as to residents of Attica and the islands, through the contribution provided by the military hospitals, in the context of the extroversion policy of the Ministry of National Defence.
    Thus, we are inaugurating today the renovated Hospitalisation Department of the Cardiology Sector which was planned and implemented to fulfil the needs of cardiology patients under the best possible conditions.
    A modern space was formed with the required standards and the necessary materiel and technical infrastructure, like the four monitors which are connected to the Intensive Care Unit, a space which ensures the safe and comfortable hospitalisation of patients and an improved working environment for te personnel.
    I am sure that the renovated premises will improve the quality of the provided healthcare services at present and in the future.
    The works in the renovated department have been completed through the efforts of all the parties involved so that it can be delivered today to the Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic Coast Guard personnel and their families.
    Our objective for the upgrade of the healthcare services has been achieved through the quality work at every level of the chain of command, as well as with the preservation of confidence and communication and the collective effort and participation of all of us.
    Your role in this effort is decisive. We are looking forward to your active participation and support for this effort to succeed.
    The structures of a hospital are primarily destined for patients’ healthcare and treatment.
    I wish you and your families to be healthy and not really in need of using them.
    However, in every case you need hospitalisation, I am sure that you will feel safe and sure. You will feel sure thanks to the scientific knowledge of the doctors and nurses and safe thanks to the provided services; all of us, but mostly you, here at the Naval Hospital, can be proud of these two things”.



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