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01/03/2018 23:16:42

The Government Council for Foreigh Affairs and Defence convenes on March 1st, 2018

    On Thursday, 1 March 2018, the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence met and decided to appoint the Lieutenant Generals (AR), Vice Admirals, Lieutenant Generals (AF) and Major General (AF) as follows:

    a. ARMY

    (1) Lieutenant General Nikolaos Manouris (Register Number: 44093), as Army Inspector General - Training Doctrine Commander and HAGS Deputy Chief.
    (2) Lieutenant General Dimokritos Zervakis (Register Number: 44498), as 1st Army Commander.
    (3) Lieutenant General Constantinos Vasiliadis (Register Number: 44499), as Higher Army Support Military Command Commander.
    (4) Lieutenant General Georgios Kampas (Register Number: 44514), as D Army Corps Commander.
    (5) Lieutenant General Antonios Nomikos (Register Number: 44518), as HAGS Chief of Staff.
    (6) Lieutenant General Dimitrios Bikos (Register Number: 44570), as C Army Corps /NRDC-GR Commander.
    (7) Lieutenant General Constantinos Floros (Register Number: 44620), as HNDGS Deputy Chief.
    (8) Lieutenant General Nikolaos Manolakos (Register Number: 44623), as Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands Commander.

    b. NAVY
    (1) Vice Admiral Ioannis Pavlopoulos (Register Number: 1719), as Commander in Chief of the Hellenic Fleet.
    (2) Vice Admiral Alexandros Diakopoulos (Register Number: 1764), as National Defence College Commander.
    (3) Vice Admiral Nikolaos Kafetsis (Register Number: M-703), as Commander of the Hellenic Navy Logistics.

    c. AIR FORCE

    (1) Lieutenant General Georgios Blioumis (Register Number: 13076), as  Chief of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.
    (2) Lieutenant General Nikolaos-Dimitrios Christopoulos (Register Number: 13074), as HNDGS Chief of Staff.
    (3) Lieutenant General Christoforos Smyrlis (Register Number: 13130), as  Inspector General of the Hellenic Air Force.
    (4) Major General Themistoklis Bourolias (Register Number: 14033), as Commander of the Hellenic Air Support Command.


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