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12/01/2018 10:34:44

Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas' interview on ERT TV

    The Alternate Minister of National Defence Dimitris Vitsas participated in a discussion on ERT TV “PROTI EIDISI”, on Friday, 12 January, 2018, where he stated among other things:

    Regarding the negotiation about the name of FYROM:

    There seems to be an opportunity, nowadays, to find out a solution for this issue which surely distresses our country, but it has been worrying the Balkans and the international community as well – let’s not forget that it is not only our issue, the security and stability in the Balkans is a global issue as well – for 25 years.

    It is clear that it is the government that has the responsibility of the negotiation and it is also clear that, when this negotiation reaches a high level, an effort must be made to achieve an as more consensual solution as possible. These things are clear. And the position that the government has while attending this negotiation is also clear.

    The position of the Greek government, which it supports during the negotiations, is to adopt a complex name with geographical determinant for overall use, that is towards every international agent. This had also been the position of the Coalition party since 1990.

    It is very important for this kind of negotiations to result in a complete package of measures which excludes any incident of irredentism of this country in the Balkans.  This position has also been discussed in the Cabinet, in which the Minister of Foreign Affairs briefed us on the developments of the case.

    To the question whether a negative position of the Independent Hellenes party towards the proposed solution creates a problem of parliamentary majority for the government, he answered:

    Definitely not. There is no problem of parliamentary majority and the Official Opposition knows when an issue of parliamentary majority is raised. Beyond that, there is a government; the Prime Minister expresses the opinion of the government and the competent Minister of Foreign Affairs agrees with the Prime Minister. I am saying this because the previous time, many years ago, there was a disagreement between the then Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in 1992. And later on, the completion of this stage of the negotiation will motivate also the subsequent procedures.

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