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16/01/2018 15:29:21

Alternate Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas' interview on REAL FM


    The Alternate Minister of National Defence Dimitris Vitsas, in an interview he gave on Tuesday, 16 January, 2018, on REAL FM, to journalists Vasilis Lyritzis and Dimitris Kampourakis, stated, among other things:

    Regarding the objectives and the policy of the government:

    Our objective is to lead the country out of the MOUs obligations and help it create a solid base that will enable us, fulfilling, of course, our commitments emanating from our EU membership, to make our own decisions and progress. After yesterday’s vote in the Parliament, a stage is completed, the stage of the third assessment. We are waiting, of course, for the procedure to be completed. Some cash will be released, but we assume also an obligation: to consider and prepare ourselves for what we are planning to do over the next months until the end of August when the MOU period will be over, what we will do from there on, in order to achieve growth.

    This is what matters. This is where people’s judgment will rely on, whether we achieved or we are achieving this. After August, there will not be an easy period of time. But, there will be a better one regarding when and how what we have being going through over the last years will stop; if someone waits that we will become rich, they are wrong. But they expect that the situation will begin to improve, starting from the low income classes, they are right.

    Taking the country out of the MOU obligations is very important. It is the most important thing that we have in our minds. We do things that will improve the society and the country; and this is the manner in which we express our left-wing attitude at present, without forgetting that we are always trying to achieve one more thing every time through victories, defeats and stalemates. It is for this one more thing that we every time make one more step and we move on.  
    Regarding the issue of the negotiations with FYROM:

    There is a chance for this issue which concerns the Balkans and our country as well as the global community, to be solved, by promoting a complex name with a geographical determinant for every use and in a solution that excludes cases of irredentism not only towards FYROM, but towards the entire Balkans, because we should not forget that there are incidents of irredentism against FYROM too, for example, by Albania.

    For this procedure to be implemented, the greatest possible consent should be achieved. Let us not forget that the Independent Hellenes and Panos Kammenos himself have declared full confidence to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and even greater confidence to the Prime Minister. Through this procedure, and after having considered which solution is proposed and whether we agree with it, we will proceed. We will take into account the opinions of other political parties and of other social institutions. Regarding this issue, we will try to achieve the widest possible consent; this is how we inform them.

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