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The Branches of the Armed Forces

    The Army

    esThe main components of the Army are Weapons and Corps. Weapons carry out the combat and Corps offer logistics support. It's composed of units, groups and formations. The main formations of the army are the brigade, the division, the army corps and the field army. The structure of the forces of the Army includes the General Staff of Army, the Headquarters of 1st Army, a number of headquarters of the army corps, an important number of divisions and brigades, as well as a number of schools and training centers.


    The Navy

    pnThe navy incorporates a powerful fleet that basically consists of main units (frigates, destroyers, missile-launching frigates and submarines) and a number of logistics ships of. The structure of the Naval forces includes the General Staff of the Navy, the Command Post of the Fleet, the Naval Training Command, the Logistics Command of the Navy and a number of naval commands and services.


    Air Force

    paThe Air Force incorporates a modern air fleet (combative, transportational and training), the congruent structure, as well as a modern system of air control, which cooperates effectively with a widespread net of anti-aircraft defense. The structure of the forces of the Air Force includes the General Staff of Air Force, the Command Post of Regular Army, the Air Support Command, the Air Training Command and a number of units and services.

    In the Armed Forces run also some services that except for their military role contribute substantially to our country's social and development policy.These services are: the Army Geographic Service, the Navy Hydrographic Service, the Navy Lighthouses' Service, as well as the National Meteorological Office, which belongs to the Air Force.

    Army Geographic Service

    gysThe Army Geographic Service through a wide scope of theoretical searches and practical applications has entered nowadays to the sector of digital technology exploitation by composing and producing digital charts, orthophotographic charts and other digital products. In this way contributes positively and with credibility to the wider contribution of the Armed Forces to the scientific and technological developments of the country offering services and valuable products to our national defense planning, which are important for the opening and the progress of the developing policy of the country, appropriate for the users (Armed Forces, several services of ministries and public organizations, scientific institutions etc) and adequate for the protection of every citizen's interests.

    Navy Hydrographic Service

    ydrografikiThe Navy Hydrographic Service works on the detailed collection of elements and information that concern the Greek sea space, as well as on their utilization, which aims at the constant and qualitative informing of the sailors and the fulfillment of the operational needs of the Navy. This service judges and participates as an engineering consultant in the committees, in order to set the limits of sea shores, coastlines and works at sea shore. It operates within the limits of the sectors of hydrography, cartography, oceanography, security of navigation and navigational researches, implementing the most modern methods and observing systematically the technological advancements to the sectors, which lie within its competence.

    Navy Lighthouses' Service

    faronThe Navy Lighthouses' Service works on the operation and service of the lighthouses, the lanterns, buoys, indicants and anchor buoys, as well as on the publication of relevant announcements supporting the sailors' work. It conserves and supplies the lighthouses net in all over the country and places new lighthouses wherever it's necessary.

    National Meteorological Office

    emyThe National Meteorological Office informs the national defense and the community about the meteorology. Publishes the several weather reports, special weather forecasts for the air navigation, navigation and the farmers, as well as the weather conditions, which are related with the pollution of Athens.


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