September 5, 2018





He was born on 10 November 1968 in Vironas and he is a native of Granitsa, Evrytania.

He is a distinguished graduate of Varvakeios School.

He has studied Political Sciences and International Relations at KENT University, England, and specialised in Regional Development and European Integration.

He served in the Air Force (1996-1998).

He has been Mayor of Vironas for 3 four-year terms (2003-2014), President of Imittos Protection and Development Association-SPAY (2003-2014), as well as President of the Civil Protection Committee of the Central Union of the Municipalities of Greece-KEDE (2006-2012), Executive Secretary of Central Greece Region (2014-2016) and Attica Regional Elected Councilor (2014-2019).

He has also been Secretary General of Civil Protection from 19 July 2019 to 16 March 2020 and Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management from 17 March 2020 to 31 August 2021, with the latter being the date of his appointment as Deputy Minister of National Defence.

He is married to Ms Panagiota Panagiotopoulou, a Physical Education Professor, graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science (Athens TEFAA ) and has two daughters, Ioanna and Dimitra.

He speaks English and French.