Deputy Minister of National Defence Alkiviadis Stefanis delivers address at the Open Day of the 1st Competition of Innovation & Technology of the Ministry of National Defence

July 7, 2021

Today Tuesday 6 July 2021, the Deputy Minister of National Defence Alkiviadis Stefanis delivered an address during the online Open Day of the 1st Competition of Innovation & Technology organised by the Ministry of National Defence.

The Innovation & Technology Competition aims to mobilise the productive forces of the country, presenting original ideas, based on the application of new technologies. Technology promotes innovation as a competitive advantage in the field of defence, supporting the Armed Forces and the domestic Defence Industry.

The context of the conduct of the 1st competition was presented entitled “ Situational Awareness Innovation” and clarifications were provided to the competitors and sponsors. The final evaluation of the proposals will be held in November 2021.

The Deputy Minister highlighted the significance of extroversion in each and every policy of the Ministry, which he directly links with the high scientific background of a great percentage of the members of the Armed Forces. He also stressed that this competition will significantly contribute to the development of innovative ideas and the country will consequently benefit from this.

In his address he stated the following:

First I would like to thank all participants for their presence here today. Today another step is taken for Greece of innovation, creation and healthy entrepreneurship, in the field of Defence Technology. We are here today to support the creative youth, the members of the Armed Forces, the scientific and research personnel of the Academic institutions and the enterprises of the country, in their effort to propose useful ideas for the benefit of the Hellenic Defence Industry and the Armed Forces, promoting innovation at all levels.

The 1st Innovation Competition “Defence Innovation Challenge” has been very well received, which makes us happy. The objective of the Ministry of National Defence is to support the smart and innovative ideas and solutions that could manage modern challenges in the field of Defence, and consequently implement them, delivering significant benefits.

We are all aware of the great problems caused to the Homeland by the Brain Drain phenomenon, mainly due to unemployment, low wages and low expectations. That said, we see that initiatives are taken by the Government, and by new emerging teams and enterprise, and effective solutions are given to the problem. Additionally, we believe that the new generation of Armed Forces members can demonstrate breakthrough solutions, since they have an exceptional scientific training and open-mindedness, apart from the clear-cut military context.

Today’s online meeting aims to raise the awareness of all interested parties for this Innovation Competition and is also an open invitation to the Greek innovation ecosystem. I call you all to reinforce this collective effort and submit your ideas to the Competition”.