Deputy Minister of National Defence, Mr Ioannis Kefalogiannis, attends the Inauguration Ceremony of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos B, as an Honorary Professor

February 26, 2024

On Monday, 26 February 2024, the Deputy Minister of National Defence Mr Ioannis Kefalogiannis, attended the Inauguration Ceremony of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos B, as an Honorary Professor of the “Evelpidon” Hellenic Army Academy, held at the School’s “Alexandros Xiros” Amphitheatre.

The Ceremony was attended by the Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Georgios Kostidis, the Chief of Hellenic Air Force General Staff Lieutenant General Dimosthenis Grigoriadis and the Commandant of the Hellenic Army Academy Major General Anastasios Polychronos. Also present were the Metropolitan of Glyfada, Elliniko, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Vari Mr Antonios, the Metropolitan of Fthiotis Mr Symeon, the Metropolitan of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki Mr Nikolaos, the Mayor of Voula, Vari and Vouliagmeni Mr Grigorios Konstantellos, former Ministers, as well as General Officers.

In his address, Mr Kefalogiannis congratulated the “Evelpidon” Hellenic Army Academy on this splendid initiative, which honours the personality of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr Ieronymos B’, who, by common acclaim is a spiritual leader, a worthy hierarch, with deep theological and academic education. The Deputy Minister of National Defence made reference to the priceless contribution of our Orthodox Church to the struggles for survival of our Nation and to the material and spiritual sufferings of our people, while he made assurances that the Political Leadership of the Ministry and the Armed Forces will minister to and cooperate with the Church, in order to promote every productive effort and creative initiative for the progress of our society.

In his address, the Deputy Minister mentioned:

It is a great joy and honour for me to be invited to be present at today’s inauguration ceremony of his Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr. Ieronymos B’ as honorary professor of the “Evelpidon” Hellenic Army Academy.

The “Evelpidon” Hellenic Army Academy, by undertaking this excellent initiative, honours, first of all His Beatitude’s personality, who, by common acclaim is a spiritual leader, a worthy Hierarch with deep Theological knowledge, and also an academic education. His charismatic personality, his unique virtues, his episcopal career, His Beatitude’s spiritual, social and pastoral work are well-known. He has a deep knowledge of Hellenism and Orthodoxy and is a recognised student of both fields. It is worthwhile mentioning His Beatitude’s multifaceted activities, starting from his academic degrees, since, besides being a graduate of the Philosophical and Theological Schools of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, he has been a grant beneficiary of the State Scholarship Foundation in the field of Byzantine Studies, while he has pursued postgraduate studies abroad. They extend to his rich, award-winning authorship of a multitude of articles, studies and books of theological, social and historical content and continue in the undiminished interest and care he shows for the Church, in its totality. His speech is characterised by warmth and humility and is founded on love, avoiding intolerance and fanaticism, setting Human in the centre, thus giving a clear example of the transformation of the teachings of Jesus.

Apart from the above, however, the “Evelpidon” Hellenic Army Academy, with this initiative, honours the priceless contribution of our Orthodox Church throughout the years, to the struggles of our Nation for survival and the material and spiritual struggles of our people. The Church, which, intertwining Christianity with Hellenism has contributed greatly throughout the years to the spiritual strengthening of society, as well as to the perpetuation of our Nation. A Church which, to this day, continues to contribute tirelessly, with charity foundations, nurseries, orphanages, rest homes for the elderly, promoting and supporting activities such as soup kitchens and clothing distribution, creating blood banks and aiding the State’s work in every way possible.

Your Beatitude, it is with the greatest love and respect that I want to reassure you, that I personally, as well as the Ministry of National Defence and the Armed Forces, will be your support and will cooperate with the Church, to promote every constructive effort and creative initiative, to achieve progress for our society. I am sure that, with your spiritual wealth, your spiritual nobility and your long experience, you will continue your god- pleasing work for some time to come.

I Wish Your Beatitude Good Health and Long Life!