US B-52 aircraft entered the Athens FIR on August 22 nd 2022

August 23, 2022

The Ministry of National Defence announces that, after consultation and upon agreement between the HNDGS and NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM), US B-52 aircraft entered the Athens FIR at midday on 22 August 2022.

The B-52s entered from the southwestern boundary of the Athens FIR in order to exit from it west of Megisti island. The flight of said aircraft took place as part of a demonstration of Inter-Allied cohesion and solidarity.

While the movement of the B-52s was not intended to have fighter escort, as has happened at other times in the past, five unidentified air contacts moved east of Karpathos interfering with the route of the B-52s, in violation of Air Traffic Rules, since they had not submitted a Flight Plan.

Four F-16 fighters of the Hellenic Air Force immediately scrambled from Crete and identified the unknown contacts as armed Turkish F-16 fighters, which were intercepted in accordance with international rules and standard practice.

The competent NATO and US authorities have been notified accordingly.

Any other presentation of the relevant facts is false.