The Department of Information Systems, Communications and New Technologies (TPENT)

September 5, 2013

The Department of Information Systems, Communications and New Technologies of the Ministry of National Defence introduces and handles issues pertinent to Information Systems, Communications, introduction of New Technologies as well as to the provision of technical support for Communications and Computers Systems of the Ministry of National Defence.

 Main responsibilities of this department are:

a.   Exchange of digitally signed documents

The department, after having been provided with digital certificates by the Ministry of Public Administrative Reform and e-Government, developed the proper infrastructure through which electronically certified and digitally signed messages and unclassified documents may be exchanged among the Central Services – Registries of the Ministry of National Defence and the General Staffs with the rest of public sector bodies. The system became fully operational on July 1st 2013.

 b.   Electronic exchange of documents

The department has finished developing the pilot single electronic platform to cover the needs of managing incoming and outgoing documents (paperless office) of the General Directorate of Financial Planning and Support/Department for the Management of European and Developmental Projects. The new electronic platform is fully operational since March 1 2013 whereas it is considered to gradually extend it on the rest of MOD Directorates.

c.   Website of the MOD and other bodies (EDT, GDDIA, GDNDPIR, DMEDP, Directorate of Reservists, Veterans and Victims of War, LIFE, GREENARMEDFORCES, DAFRED)

Websites supported by TPENT are maintained and aligned to new technologies. It also upgrades their security, attractive interface and visitor’s operational browsing

 d.   Central e-Registry of Public Contracts (AGORA)

In cooperation with the General Secretariat for Commerce and the General Directorate for Financial Planning and Support/Finance Division, it has put, since February 4 2013, in full operational development, the Central e-Registry of Public Contracts (AGORA). This system serves the collection, process and publication of data concerning public contracts among public sector bodies and third parties, and deals with execution of works, supply of goods and provision of services of non-defence materiel (spare parts) at all levels of allocation and execution, at a budget equal to €1,000 or more.

 e.   Programme (Cl@rity)

It provides support to Ministry of Defence Directorates on programme (Cl@rity) whose aim is to enhance the transparency through the obligatory upload of laws and acts of governmental and administrative agencies on the internet.

 f.   Open data (

It coordinates the activities of the General Staffs and the Directorates of the Ministry of National Defence to gather data which may be posted online and made available to citizens immediately free of charge.

 g.   MOD network upgrade

It modernises the networks of the Ministry of National Defence and its subordinate bodies by constantly upgrading computer hardware and software as well as by integrating new security technologies.

 h.   Actions to reduce the cost of telecommunications services

Action has been taken to reduce the cost of telecommunications services, such as the rationalisation of using fixed and mobile telephony services, upgrade of telephone centres etc.